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Implementation Guide

This implementation guide contains instructions for implementing different parts of Plaid.

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Plaid Operation

Once built into a binary, Plaid is executed from the command line and has two required parameters: a path to a json formatted schema file (which describes the config), and the path to a config file, like this:

./plaidven <path/to/schema.json> <path/to/config.json>

Additional command line options

The binary also offers the options to print the current version number and create sample plugin messages for reference.


Export the version

$ ./plaidven --version
[Date] [plaid] [info] [main] plaid version '2.3.0'

Sample plugin messages

To create sample plugin messages in json files, use the --sample flag, followed by the path to the directory you would like. If the directory path is not included, the files will be exported to the current directory.

$ ./plaidven --sample sample/message/directory
[Date] [plaid] [info] [main] Exporting samples to sample/message/directory

Implementation reference materials

To get started, use the build guides

The following guides explain how to implement specific functionality for OpenADR:

In addition, some useful information:

To reference specific files and components of Plaid, see the reference section.